The Top Ten Worst Autograph Signers Of 2014! Find Out Who Made The Naughty List This Year!

We had the best signers and most fan friendly celebrity list, but as with every up, there must be a down. Hence, we have the 2014 worst autograph signers and least fan friendly celebrities of 2014.

We culled all the MTF writers, and looked at signing habits from LA, New York, overseas, and I think it’s a pretty fair list. I’m sure there will be some people who say, “Oh no, so and so is super great!” but in reality, I think that this is a fair estimate.

But feel free to comment away.

Without further delay, check out the worst autograph signers of 2014 below!

10. Tom Hanks – While Tom was getting a little better at forcing a smile early this year, the inclusion of him on over 3/4’s of the MTF writers worst list, made it an impossibility for me not to include him. The Cast Away star may come off like everyone’s best friend, but in reality he goes out of his way to avoid any kind of fan interaction.


9. Julia Roberts – Let’s just say it’s not 1990. So then why does the former Pretty Woman think that signing a few autographs or flashing her 100 megawatt smile when she’s not being paid 20 million dollars is a bad thing? While promoting August Osage, she was so unapproachable even voters told me that they were turned off by her behavior!

Julia-Roberts-11 rare promo press still black and white pretty woman photo hot sex 1990s star

8. Elizabeth Banks – What would a list of non friendly celebrities be without Elizabeth Banks? Elizabeth is notorious for being difficult and this year was no exception. I know one collector that was even dissed one on one! Doh!

elizabeth banks at the Hunger games catching fire berlin premiere jennifer lawrence signing autographs (3)

7. Channing Tatum – I used to be such a huge fan of the Tatum. Sadly though, I think fame has gotten to Magic Mike, as this year, he’s been so full of himself, he barely gives fans a passing glance… if they’re male. I hear he’s much nicer if you’re a female, but not much. This year alone, I’ve seen him several times out and about and each time, we barely got a wave. Say it ain’t so Magic Mike…

Channing Tatum the vow gif rare promo

6. Kevin Costner – Robin of Lockley what’s going on? The former megastar has been trying for a career resurrection hard core this year. However, he won’t give fans any love, barely looking over and refusing to sign certain items. Suddenly Susan and I saw this first hand at the Draft Day premiere and at several q and a’s he’s been downright gruff.

Kevin Costner hand signed autograph photo rare dances with wolves rare promo hot sexy field of dreams star

5. Geena Davis – Speaking of former stars, the Beetlejuice star has been out and about more lately, yet still she refuses to acknowledge the people who let her take a break from acting. At one recent event for example, she had her car drive through the 15 or so fans waiting. Not only did she not wave, or acknowledge anyone… She was texting on her phone.

geena davis in transelvania 65000 rare promo vampire press still promo hot sexy vampire rare promo

4. Joseph Gordon Levitt – One of the worst signers of the past five years, what list would be complete with the the 3rd Rock from the Sun star?

Joseph gordon levitt shirtless naked snl gif animated rare

3. Michael Keaton – This Birdman has always been difficult, but during the awards circuit this year he’s been terrible. If he does sign one, he’ll skip 20 people. And if you’re a Batman fan? Forget it! Stay home.

Michael Keaton

2. Edward Norton – One of the most difficult stars, Edward Norton has never been warm and cuddly, but this year he’s gotten so much worse. Ignoring fans at every stop along the promo route for Birdman.

edward norton signed autograph fight club movie poster brad pitt david fincher helena bonham carter signing autographs 018

1. Charlize Theron – The queen of the worst celebrities, save Natalie Portman. Charlize Theron glares at anyone looking for a selfie or autograph, and being with Sean Penn hasn’t helped her disposition any.

Charlize Theron aeon flux photo rare hot sexy promo

Dishonorable mentions:

Joe Mangienello, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Sofía Vergara, Ed O’Neil, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Jessica Lange, Catherine O’Hara, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sofía Vergara, Ryan Kwanten, Bette Midler, Bruce Willis, Meryl Streep, Rob Lowe.

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