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This is book 2 in the Ultimate Series, Lori Foster’s return to the world of MMA . This book focuses on Denver –a fighter at Cannon’s gym – and Cherry.

The review is below, but here are my quick notes:

  • Not so much a fan of this one, mostly because I didn’t like Cherry. If you don’t like one of your main characters, kind of makes it hard to like the book overall. Maybe I’ve just read one too many romances where the heroine tries to handle the dangerous situation on her own, which seems like a really stupid idea to me unless you have magical powers or are trained in self defense. Cherry is neither.
  • Denver’s plot was a little hard to swallow at times. I mean I guess I understand the psychology behind not wanting to be in the spotlight, but at the same time the excuse seemed a little weak. At least to me.
  • Still, this book is filled with Lori’s usual sense of humor and charm. I like that her characters are a little goofy and imperfect at times.
  • As usual the supporting characters are just as interesting – and in this case more interesting – as the main characters, and I can’t wait to see their stories fleshed out.
  • While I didn’t love the story, I’ve still bought it because I can’t have a hole in my collection and while their story is not my cup of tea others seem to have enjoyed their dynamic 🙂



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