Written Revelry Review! “Prudence: Custard Protocol Book 1” by Gail Carriger



4 out of 5

Hoorah! The infant inconvenience is all grown up and now causing mayhem of her own! By her side are Primrose and Percy Tunstell (twins to the Hive Queen of London whom we all know and love as Ivy), Quesnel LeFoux (Madame LeFoux’s offspring) and a dirigible load of sooties, engineers, a valet and Footnote (the cat).

If you don’t know of whom I speak, then you should go forth and find Book 1 of the Parasol Protectorate series “Soulless”.  Blast, just buy them all because once you start, you won’t want to stop.  Buy the entire series and “Prudence”  and the Finishing School series because you should just own all of her amazing books!

This is more a love fest, than a review because I don’t want to give away too much of Gail’s delightful world to those who have not had a chance to read these.

The review is below, but here are my quick notes:

  • This was a great start to the series, but has left me indecorously famished for more. The ending was merely a beginning after all. Now I am unseemly flushed with excitement.
  • This novel was chocked full of all the wit and Victorian decorum we have come to expect from a Carriger novel. And the wonderfully described fashion – particularly hats.
  • Prudence is the perfect mix of all 3 of her parents: She can don Lord Akeldama’s flair, wear Alexia’s haughtily aristocratic nature and is very much at home with the more rough around the edges weres thanks to Lord Maccon. She has the same genius for getting out of scrapes that her parents have, but with quite a bit more panache and shockingly less clothing.
  • I love the assemblage of Prudence’s “crew” for the Spotted Custard. They all have their own quirks, but are equally as bright in their own way and wonderfully matched as a whole. Lots of great new personalities to get to know and love.
  • My only critique would be that we see Prudence use her gifts on only one form of supernatural, but perhaps in the future books that will change. Also, some of the action seemed a little slapdash, but not enough to deter in any way.



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