Written Revelry Review! “The Veil (Devil’s Isle #1)” by Chloe Neill


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This is one of the gems I picked up at SDCC. I’m going to admit something here, I’ve never read Neill’s other series, so this is my first time reading this author.

The setting is in New Orleans seven years after “The Veil” was ripped open. There had been a giant war with the supernatural beings that spilled through and after it was sealed again, the survivors turned one of the Districts into what they call Devil’s Isle. This is where any human with paranormal abilities, or anything that remained on our side after The Veil was closed, is imprisoned.

We meet Claire Connolly and her friends on the night the city celebrates a festival to commemorate the victory. When she leaves to head home – a shop her father left when she died – she sees a woman being attacked by supernatural beings and steps in. Claire’s a Sensitive, but has been hiding her erratic abilities. That changes, of course, and suddenly a mysterious man names Liam Quinn shows up and offers to help her hide her abilities and learn to use them properly. Seems he’s part of an underground movement to stop the persecutions. Oh and it appears The Veil is trying to open again.

You can catch my thoughts on this book here:

1. Nice start to a new series. I also liked that we know what Claire’s hiding from the start and don’t have to deal with the vague suggestions. I mean c’mon, we all figure that stuff out fairly quickly now right?
2. Claire’s a pretty decent character. She didn’t annoy me as much as some female characters in UF and Dystopian novels do. I like how quickly she accepts and adapts. None of this drawn out pages of her trying to accept what she is and that not all supernatural beings are evil.
3. I think NOLA is the perfect setting and I like how it adds to the story without overpowering it. Some authors let NOLA be the main character and you lose the story, so I liked that Neill didn’t have that problem.
4. I like Liam is an alpha male without being an a**hole. He’s a good guy, adapts quickly, and never gets condescending.
5. The ending was a little…I don’t know…too easy maybe? I felt a little unsatisfied with how they stop the climactic ‘bad thing’ from happening.

Overall, I liked the world we enter with this book. I’m intrigued to see where it goes now that the characters and over arcing plot has been established. If you like UF then I think you’ll like this novel.

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