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It’s Lori Foster time again! Hooray! “Tough Love” is the next installment of the Ultimate Series (about MMA fighters) and is the story of Vanity and Stack.

Vanity is Yvette’s best friend (from “No Limits”) and moved to Ohio once her friend decide to settle down with Cannon. Stack is a fighter at Cannon’s gym and like all the others, loves the ladies. Vanity wants Stack, knows Stack is attracted to her, so she does what any self respecting girl does…she invites him to be her date to Yvette and Cannon’s wedding with the promise of sex afterwards.


Of course he agrees, then mayhem ensues, then they start to have real feelings for each other…yada, yada, yada…HEA…the end.

Ok, that made it sound worse than the book is. I mean I love Foster’s novels, they’re always fun reads, just some are more fun than others, and these last two haven’t really been my favorites. Mostly because I don’t think I like the women. They’re kind of weak willed and make some really silly decisions, and I get kind of upset when the guys apologize for getting upset at them.

You can see more of my feelz here:

But for some quick notes and WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD:
1. Um…so if I told someone I hated my brother-in-law and that they treated my sister terribly and were a freeloader and a deadbeat then heck yeah I’d get angry if the person I’m dating gave the douche bag money. Especially $300! And no I wouldn’t feel guilty about ripping them a new one and being upset. That’s just wrong. Especially if they never tell you about it. It’s not the money, it’s that you helped the person who treats my sister like dirt. Just no.
2. So, I mean, the whole ‘use sex to make them fall in love with you’ ploy is kind of pathetic am I right? Has that ever really worked for anyone?
3. I do like the fact that Stack’s family isn’t perfect and has a lot of issues. Nothing truly horrible, really, but relatable. Maybe a bit too relatable, since some of their decisions seemed familiar. Not my family personally, but I’ve known some like that.
4. I do like Vanity’s – mostly – resilient spirit and her good heart/nature. She’s rich, but she tries to make sure she does good with it and is a productive person.
5. Again, I feel like some the side characters are more interesting than the love story. And really I’m just biding my time until Armie and Merissa’s story comes out 😉

All in all, it was a fun read. I didn’t get as angrily annoyed as I did with the last book, more just eye rolling ‘girls’ annoyed. I mean I’ve done silly things for a guy…when I was a teenager…but…anyway…not one of the books I’ll be returning back to from time to time. Still a not so great Foster is better than 90% of the books out there now and I know other fans might feel differently so I’d say give it a read.

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