Written Reverly Review: “Dead Ice” by Laurell K. Hamilton


3 of 5 books

Wow…#24 in the ‘Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series’…although the subtitle isn’t quite as fitting anymore right? Does she hunt vampires anymore? Does she hunt anything anymore? You know aside from someone else to add to her harem.

I will say that the last couple of full novels have been sans new character = new f**k buddy and that’s been a refreshing change. I mean – and not to get gross here – but how on earth is her labia not hanging down to her knees by now? She must do some mad kegel exercises. I’m not exaggerating here. I mean she’s got at least – and I think I’m being conservative – 10 people she has sex with on a regular basis, one of which is so long he can’t fit…just…do the math people.


This time out our fave Animator is called in by the FBI to help solve a case that is strikingly familiar to a previous one. Dominga Salvador y’all…remember that screwed up voodoo? So, you guessed it, the case involves someone who’s raising zombies as sex slaves. Nothing new, except it appears that the zombies actually have their souls back…SAY WHAT?!?!?!

In the midst of all this she’s trying to get used to being the newly engaged fiancee of the ‘King of America’ aka ‘Master of the City: St. Louis’ aka Jean Claude. And that’s causing a bit of a hoopla not only in the press, but amongst her harem because everyone wants to get married. Or hand fasted. Or what have you. I mean relationships…am I right? Ugh. So much work!

AND…if that’s not enough it seems her abilities have gotten stronger and her necromancy seems to be getting a little too good….

Mayhem ensues, case is solved, fights, politics, flame throwers, zombie raising, near death experiences…you know, the usual.

So my feels on this book overall:

1) Has the author always had a habit of repeating herself over and over? I mean I feel she told me the exact same thought 3 or 4 times just worded differently. Or described the same place more than once.

2) How on earth did a character – who’s usually so on top of things – not figure out the bad guy sooner? I mean I figured it out the moment Manny mentioned him. Not good Anita. Not good.

3) Hey…she raised some zombies and did some police work and shot some things…good times! It’s sad that the relationship stuff is so convoluted by now that I look forward to when things die. Or people fight. Or get shot. Or things try to kill them all.

4) So I feel we’re getting close to a showdown with the government. I mean her necromancy is going off the charts good, and she’s not exactly Miss Personality. Not to mention she’s the fiancee/soon to be wife of THE Master Vampire in America…this does not bode well…

5) I’m half and half on continuing with the series. I’ll probably keep reading just not rush out as eagerly anymore.

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