The Main Reasons People Choose YouTube Over Other Streaming Sites!


If you’ve been looking to share videos in the public domain, you may have come across sites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vevo and Zippcast amongst others. And you may have wondered how they compare to YouTube.


Depending on what you’re looking to do and whose attention you’re looking to grab, you may find one of these platforms to be useful. But there’s no denying, YouTube wins out every time when it comes to reaching the largest audience and giving you the surest chance of success.


Here’s a few reasons why.


YouTube is the Google of Video Sharing


Google is the most used search engine on the internet and owns YouTube, so that is reason enough to make yourself visible on the platform. Google is likely to prioritise its own platform for video content, which puts you at a significant disadvantage if you’re not there. Any users who are searching for content relating to your business or area of interest will be sure to look there first.

One Of The Leading Channel-Based Websites

As mentioned above, YouTube is one of many video streaming websites available on the internet. YouTube is the oldest, but unlike other social media sites that were there from the beginning, it hasn’t lost any of its mass appeal; it is still the leading video streaming platform. One of the most enduring aspects of YouTube is just how easy it is to make an account and upload your content.  All you need to get started is a Gmail account. With that, you can sign up to YouTube and begin sharing your content and viewing and commenting on other people’s personal and business content right away.

Millions Of Daily Viewers

YouTube doesn’t publish figures about exactly how many people click into its site every day (possibly because of the fluctuation in daily views), but YouTube is still indisputably the leading platform provider. Whatever your purpose in making videos, you need to be there if you want to attract attention to yourself.

FREE Marketing


Who isn’t interested in acquiring free marketing for their business or personal project? With YouTube, it’s made easy. It’s simple to copy links to your YouTube content and place them in your website, social media content, and other accounts to keep your audience engaged. And it’s just as easy to entice in new viewers.


You can also include links to your website, online content and social media accounts in the description of your video, therefore increasing traffic out to your other sites and platforms too.

A Major Tool For Online Marketing Strategies

By having Youtube repeat your content, you can achieve the same results that a few years ago might have cost you a small fortune in advertising spend. Now, you can ensure you stay visible and relevant without needing the marketing budget of a major brand.


There may be some alternative video hosting websites that do some things better than YouTube, but there is no other platform that does everything better than YouTube does. The fact that it has been around for such a long time and is more popular than ever, is testament to that. It is undoubtedly an essential, indispensable marketing tool for any business or personal project.



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