Zack Snyder Posts A Picture Of “The Real Batmobile” Revealing The New Look For Superman V. Batman!

Zack Snyder is deep in production on Superman V Batman, or whatever they are titleing it these days. I sure hope this movie is good, that’s all I’m saying. The entire DC Universe heading to the silver screen depends on it!

Today, Zack tweeted out a pictured of what he said is… “A real picture of the Batmobile.”

It’s kind of interesting, and to be honest not much different than what we’ve seen before. This one looks a little more armored and more of a military fighting machine that what I would consider the “batmobile” But hey, what can you do right?

Superman V. Batman is the followup to Man of Steel and is shooting now.

Cross your fingers on this one kids…

real batmoble superman v batman

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