Autograph Deal Of The Week! Ricky Martin Signed CD Preorder! The Airborne Toxic Event! And More!

It’s the autograph deal of the week.

There are a couple really cool deals this week, and the first one comes from the Airborne Toxic Event!

Every so often, one song can change everything. For The Airborne Toxic Event, that particular number happened to be an A Capella version of Queen and David Bowie’s classic duet “Under Pressure.” “Somebody played it for me, and it blew my mind” declares vocalist and guitarist Mikel Jollett. “I made a decision to change my whole approach to music.” The front man would go on to personally produce The Airborne Toxic Event’s fourth full-length album and first for Epic Records, Dope Machines, with the blessing and support of Steven Chen (guitar, keyboards), Anna Bulbrook (violin, keyboard, backing vocals), Darren Taylor (drums), and Adrian Rodriguez (bass).

If you pre-order the cd you get a signed booklet!


Plus, speaking of pre-orders… Ricky Martin has his new cd up for pre-order at Amazon.

Both a GRAMMY and Multiple LATIN GRAMMY winner, Ricky Martin is the leading Latin Music figure of his generation – beloved by fans worldwide for his instinctive understanding of rhythm, passion for performing, and equal compassion for giving.

His CD A Quien Quiera Escuchar is up for pre-order in an Amazon exclusive pre-order as well.

ricky martin signed cd

Not bad!

Remember, we’re passing these on for reference only! Make sure to do your own research!

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