The Evolution of Computer Graphics in Movies!

Every so often, a new movie comes along that raises the bar with its computer graphics. These movies are sometimes eagerly awaited blockbusters; over time they are surprise hits. Whichever category they fall into, they set the stage for everything that comes after them, rewriting the book

The Greatest Stuntman You Will Never Meet: Adobe After Effects!

Creating videos has become one of the most popular pastimes amongst young people over the past two decades – a scenario that was completely unimaginable as recently as the 1990s. Back then, video editing was the exclusive preserve of a handful of skilled technicians working for television

A definitive list of the best movies featuring casinos

There’s just something about casinos that make for great movies. Maybe it’s the glamour and glitz of the bright lights. Or maybe it’s the thrill of taking risks and hoping for the best. Whatever it is, moviemakers have been drawn to casino scenes time and time again,

How You Can Dress Like a Celebrity!

Celebrities are right in the public eye, so it makes sense that they’d be some of the most stylish people out there. This makes them a fantastic inspiration for when you want to update your look. If you want a taste of that A-List lifestyle, then fashion