Throwback Thurs! True Blood Season 5 Premiere! Alexander Skarsgard! Stephen Moyer! Deborah Ann Wohl! Rutina Wesley! Sam Trammell! Nelson Ellis! Joe Manganiello! Kristin Bauer! Autographs! Photos! and More!

I’ve been rewatching True Blood over the pandemic and thought it would be fun to share a recap from one of the premieres. These were always an adventure to go to and a lot of fun. Check out the recap below! I feel like the True Blood

How Movies impacted Online Casino Games

How Movies impacted Online Casino Games Playing live casino games is a massive thrill – Image via Pexels Playing games such as blackjack and roulette in a land-based casino is undoubtedly one of most exciting entertainment activities people can undertake. Casinos have long been associated with glitz