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Throwback! Scotty Gets His Thanksgiving Miracle! He Gets To Meet Legendary Dick Van Dyke Along With Carl Reiner and Michele Lee At A Q And A For The Comic! Autographs! Photos! Chim Chim Cheree!

Scotty has been trying and trying to meet legendary actor Mr. Dick Van Dyke for what seems like at least eight years. I wish I was exaggerating. Honestly, it’s been a mission for him. He was rejected one on one, in a crowed, etc… So, when I

Super Short Sunday! Scotty Chooses Life After Meeting Underworld! The Trainspotting Soundtrack Mastro’s Are Awesome! Autographs! Photos! And More!

Super Short Sunday – Underworld Edition October 29, 2023 By: Scott One of my favorite electronic groups is Underworld.  I have enjoyed their music ever since first hearing the single “Born Slippy. NUXX”.  As a music fan, I would have thought I would have seen the group