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Resistance Review! JM Says it’s “an amazing and awe-inspiring story” and Eisenberg “was born to play this role.”

Actions always speak louder than words. Jesse Eisenberg exceptionally embraces and portrays another amazing individual in the remarkable “Resistance.” The film opens up in Munich, Germany, on November 9, 1938, a.k.a. Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, when citizens terrorized their Jewish neighbors and destroyed Jewish-owned properties.

The Sonata Review! JM Says its a “stylized horror thriller” that “feels like a Hammer movie meets a classic 1970s gothic horror film”

Rutger Hauer haunting from beyond the grave sounds stunning. However, remember pressure points can create a beautiful tone when properly controlling an instrument, but without the proper technique the music will be inconsistent. Sadly, such is the case with the stylized horror thriller “The Sonata.” Upon killing

The Whistlers Review! JM says it’s “An infectious, unique experience that wows audiences with a creative concept”

An infectious, unique experience “The Whistlers” wows audiences with a creative concept. Romanian filmmaker Corneliu Porumboiu crafts a masterful neo-noir thriller filled with charming comedic moments. Bucharest police inspector Cristi (Vlad Ivanov) embarks on an adventure with the gorgeous Gilda (Catrinel Marlon), but not everything is as