The Big Wedding Movie Poster Features So Many Freakin’ Happy Oscar Winners! I Mean Damn! Have You Ever Seen DeNiro Smile So Much!

I just saw this new poster for a film I have never heard of until today. LOL… It’s called The Big Wedding and it features an all star cast. In fact this cast of Oscar winners and nominee’s look positively jubilant on the poster. Robert DeNiro looks so happy, I think he just shat himself. Maybe that’s why Diane Keaton is like, Don’t touch me dude….

This is just so funny, it reeks of Valentine’s Day esque epic badness! Awesome!

It’s almost like Susan Sarandon and Robert DeNiro just found out that Jonah Hill’s Oscar nomination was rescinded.

Happy days…

Check out the happy poster below… lol…

the big wedding movie poster one sheet with susan sarandon robert deniro katherine heigl topher grace ben barnes diane keaton

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  1. Amanda August 2, 2012

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