Box Office Breakdown! Mean Girls Is So Fetch! Beekeeper Got Stung! Wonka Is Still Sweet! and More!

Mean Girls had a nice opening at number one with $33 million. The Beekepper got stung, opening at number two with $19 million. Wonka was still pretty sweet, slipping to number three with $10.8 million. Migration flew down to number four and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom sank to number six. The rest of the chart stayed the same with no other new releases this week. The Iron Claw rounded out the top ten.

Check out the full box office chart below.

Until next time, happy movie going and be nice to each other!

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1          Mean Girls                                $33,200.00       $33,200.00       Paramount Pictures

2          The Beekeeper                          $19,152,000     $19,152,000     N/A

3          Wonka                                     $10,880,000     $178,693,855   Warner Bros.

4          Migration                                 $8,300,000       $87,865,635     Universal Pictures

5          Anyone But You                        $8,255,000       $56,494,370     Columbia Pictures

6          Aquaman Lost Kingdom             $6,640,000       $109,603,347   Warner Bros.

7          Night Swim                               $5,500,000       $20,010,415     Universal Pictures

8          The Boys in the Boat                 $4,181,000       $40,012,103     N/A

9          The Book of Clarence                $3,000,000       $3,000,000       Sony Pictures

10        The Iron Claw                            $2,466,781       $29,244,028     A24

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