Anushika’s Scream 4 and Nightmare On Elm Street Director Wes Craven Photo Gallery!

wes craven director scream 4 rare, signed autograph nightmare on elm street icon legen my soul to take rare red eye scream prescott

Anushika, the unofficial or perhaps official photographer of Mike the Fanboy has just sent me more photos! This time it is when Mr. Wes Craven came over and made my day! Lol… I always get so flummoxed when someone comes over, get my posters signed, try to get a photo opp, etc… that I get all fumbaly and never get any really good candids.

And right now I am all about Scream 4! I mean all about it!

Thankfully, Anushika has stepped up and is sharing her moments with all of us! Check out the rest of her Wes Craven photos after the jump! And everyone needs to say a prayer that I get Neve Campbell this week!


wes craven scream 4 director rare kevin williamson nightmare on elm street signed autograph rare promo hot red eye my soul to take hot horror icon

wes craven scream 4 director signing signed autograph rare poster promo nightmare on elm street red eye horror icon red eye rachel mcadams

In this photo Anushika was checking to make sure Mr. Wes Craven’s nasal passages are clear. This is very important! 🙂

wes craven nasal cavity scream 4 director promo signed autograph photo gallery dance red eye scream parker posey red eye nightmare on elm street horror legend

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