Super Star Saturday! Scotty Falls For A Bombshell! Margot Robbie Goodness! Autographs and More!

“Super Star” Saturday – Margot Robbie Edition
December 21, 2019
By: Scott

This week’s “Super Star” is a major star in Hollywood. I am speaking about Margot Robbie. I have been lucky enough to meet and speak to Margot a couple of times now, and she has been incredibly fan friendly. Most recently, I went to the premiere for Bombshell. This was probably one of the craziest premieres ever. Collectors lost their minds when Margot, Charlize, and Nicole crossed to sign. It was so crazy that I was lifted off my feet. I was able to get a signature from Margot and Charlize. Margot tried to sign as much as she could and continued even when security tried to get her to go back to the carpet. Thank you, Margot for being so awesome to fans. You are a “super star” in my book!

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