Box Office Breakdown! Jason Bourne Takes Number One! Star Trek Drops To Number Two! Nerve Doesn’t Hit! And More!

Jason Bourne was born to be number one, opening with $60 million.

Matt damon shirtless bourne 2016

Star Trek Beyond went to where several movies have gone before – number two with $24 million.

Star Trek Beyond trailer logo first look 4

Bad Moms were pretty good, opening at number three with $23.4 million.


The Secret Life of Pets was out in the open at number four with $18.2 million.

secret life of pets logo poster promo 1

Lights Out was still on at number five with $10.8 million.


Ice Age Collision Course neared extinction at number six with $10.5 million.


Ghostbusters was on life support at number seven with $9.8 million.

Dan Aykroyd signed autograph ghostbusters poster

Nerve was anxious, opening at number eight with $9 million (for the weekend).


Finding Dory was still swimming at number nine with $4.2 million.


Rounding out the top ten was The Legend of Tarzan with $2.4 million.

legend-of-tarzan-alexander-skarsgard-first-image naked shirtless

Check out the full box office chart below:


1 Jason Bourne $60,000,000 $60,000,000
2 Star Trek Beyond $24,000,000 $105,720,378
3 Bad Moms $23,400,000 $23,400,000
4 The Secret Life of Pets $18,210,000 $296,177,745
5 Lights Out $10,810,000 $42,877,032
6 Ice Age: Collision Course $10,500,000 $42,109,623
7 Ghostbusters (2016) $9,800,000 $106,171,471
8 Nerve $9,000,000 $15,051,287
9 Finding Dory $4,220,000 $469,012,930
10 The Legend of Tarzan $2,405,000 $121,856,210


Next week look for Suicide Squad to knock Matt Damon out of the top spot. Tune in to see if I’m right.

suicide_squad movie poster one sheet suicide_squad movie poster one sheet

Until then, happy movie going!

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