Box Office Breakdown! Catching Fire Explodes! Thor Holds On! Best Man Is A Hit! And More!

Suddenly Susan is back with this weeks Box Office Breakdown!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire exploded to the top of the charts with 160 million bucks! Hot damn!

Thor is holding up well and Best Man Holiday is continues to make some cash! It’s nice to see the box office so healthy!

Check out the full recap below!

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No surprises this week as The Hunger Games Catching Fire came in at number one with an astounding $161.1 million! I predicted $170 million, so I’ll call that a win. With a budget of $130 million, Caching Fire is in pure profit mode.

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The kids from Panem knocked Thor The Dark World down to the number two spot with $14.1 million, bringing its domestic total to $168 million in three weeks.

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The Best Man Holiday also fell one spot and came in at number three with $12.5 million. With a budget of just $17 million and a domestic total of $50.3 million, these Best Men should be back for a trilogy.

Vince Vaughn’s comedic star power continues to fade with Delivery Man opening at number four with just $8.2 million.

The animated family film Free Birds dropped to number five with another $5.3 million. Not bad for a film that opened at number four over three weeks ago.

The Last Vegas gang slipped to number six with $4.4 million, but their domestic total of $54 million is an impressive amount.

Bad Grandpa is still acting up at number seven. A domestic total of $95.4 million against a budget of $15 million has them as one of the year’s most profitable films.

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After eight weeks in release, Gravity is still in the top ten in the number eight spot with another $3.3 million. Both Thor and Hunger Games need another $80 million domestically to catch this mega hit.

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12 Years a Slave came in at number nine with $2.8 million. Watch for this one during awards season re-release.

Lastly, the indie film Dallas Buyer’s Club rounded out the top ten. After expanding its limited release, the Matthew McConaughey vehicle moved up two spots from last week’s number twelve spot.

Check out the full box office chart below.

1 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire $161,125,000 $161,125,000
2 Thor: The Dark World $14,117,000 $167,837,000
3 The Best Man Holiday $12,522,000 $50,391,000
4 Delivery Man $8,215,000 $8,215,000
5 Free Birds $5,300,000 $48,594,000
6 Last Vegas $4,400,000 $53,926,000
7 Bad Grandpa $3,450,000 $95,451,000
8 Gravity $3,305,000 $245,503,000
9 12 Years a Slave $2,800,000 $29,393,000
10 Dallas Buyers Club $2,770,000 $6,450,000

Next week is a tough call, but I’m predicting Disney’s Frozen will take the top spot. Tune in to see if I’m right.

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Until then, happy movie going.

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