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I want to pump… You up!

Everyone knows Arnold Schwarzenegger but do you know the whole story behind the man?

From Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach California to the showdown in Pretoria, amateur and professional bodybuilders prepare for the 1975 Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe contests in this part-scripted, part-documentary film.
Five-time champion Arnold Schwarzenegger defends his Mr. Olympia title against Serge Nubret and the shy, young, deaf Lou Ferrigno, whose father is his coach; the ruthless champ psyches out the young lion.

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Sardinian Franco Columbu competes in the lightweight class; at home in Italy he solves a tight parking problem by lifting the car into place. Joe Weider is the marketer; Mike Katz and Ken Waller go for the title of Mr. Universe. Bodybuilding and a celebrity-to-be go mainstream.


Pumping iron press still logo rare 1

If you’re a bodybuilder, or just like to lift the remote control, you’re going to love the classic documentary Pumping Iron. It’s one of the most talked about and classic documentaries of all time is coming home for the first time on digital HD with awesome bonus features!

Special Features:

· Still Pumping: Success in bodybuilding is a mental challenge as well as physical. In these newly recorded interviews, Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about the will power and focus you need to become a champion, and the mental attitude that has shaped his career.!content/611872/Pumping-Iron-plus-bonus-content

· TheHard Science of Bodybuilding: Arnold Schwarzenegger and top bodybuilders give insights into the sport of bodybuilding and tips for building the body of your dreams.

Pumping iron press still logo rare 1

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