Is Swazi Bet Among the Best Betting Sites in Swaziland?

Online betting has opened up vast ventures in the betting industry. Many countries have opted for this system so the local and international people can easily bet on their favourite sports and players. This betting craze has not only brought people together but opened up international financial transactions making earning easier.

The same system is followed in Swaziland. It is one and nearby of the landlocked countries in South Africa where the craze of online betting is creating quite a hype. It counts in a lower-middle-income country, which is why many people have turned towards the Swazi bet.

Coming towards the best betting sites in Swaziland, a few names are worth mentioning. All these sites have numerous customers who bet regularly.

  1.     William hill:

It is a global online betting company based in London, UK. It was founded in 1934, and since then, the company has expanded its business rapidly. Furthermore, various popular companies have invested a massive amount in betting purposes and have earned trifold

In the UK, the company 

  •     The company has 1414 betting shops scattered all around.
  •     It is the founding member of the gaming and betting council.
  •     They gave away 24.5 million pounds to covid-19 health workers.

 Outside the UK, the company.

  •     It expanded to the USA and bought three chains of sportsbooks.
  •     They purchased three Australian brands, namely Sportingbet and Centrebet.
  •     Opened many shops worldwide.

Though there are people who have some criticism related to WilliamHill, the company still holds the highest rating among Swaziland’s national and international bookmakers. 

  1.     888sport:

It is another online betting site where people bet on esports. The company’s headquarters is in Gibraltar but operates worldwide. It has various mediums for payment methods which makes it easy for people to withdraw.

 The good news is that the company facilitates cryptocurrency, mainly bitcoin and ethereum. If you place 10 pounds on a bet, you will get 60 pounds of worth bets free on the first deposit. Remember, the site has times when they give away free chances on various tournaments, so keep your eyes on it.

  1.     IXbet:

The IXbet is another betting site that was founded in 2007 in Cyprus. Initially, they used to sponsor the Liverpool LC and Chelsea LC. Later, as the business accelerated, the site became famous with bookmakers for online betting.

 The main features are 

  •     Live sports betting
  •     The company bagged a rising star in sports betting innovation in SBC awards, London, 2018.
  •     Best football maker
  •     Best affiliate partner scheme
  •     Esports operator of the year in 2020.
  •     Mobile application for easy use.
  •     Last is the unique gaming company of the year with the best customer service and innovation award.

For this, register yourself to this site and enjoy the betting experience.


  1.     Vbet:

Viet is one of the most impressive sites for online betting. It covers almost 40,000 matches per month and doubles the number of people who bet on those games. The main features of VBet are:

  •     Welcome bonus offer for various bundles and a first deposit.
  •     You can have a free bet of up to 20 pounds.
  •     They are official partners of the French Football team, AS Monaco.
  •     Live bet on live streaming.
  •     Look out for competitive promotions.
  •     Different payment methods for withdrawal.
  •     Easy to follow the rules for sports betting.
  •     Easy navigation and attractive site design.
  •     Exclusive sign up offers for UK residents.
  •     Best customer service.

 The site offers betting tips, so keep an eye on them before placing the wager.

  1.     Swazibet:

The Swazi bet is one of the best betting sites in Swaziland. It is the leading sportsbook, and you can bet on any sport featured there.

Currently, the Swazi bet is facing tough competition as the other betting sites have sprung up and taken over the market by storm. 

  1.     Melbet:

The Melbet site features various sports options. There are promotions, live sports, esports and fast games which can keep you occupied throughout the day. Moreover, the site has a rating of 9.5 out of 10, so it’s authentic and popular among bookmakers.

  •     Sports are divided into country sections.
  •     There is a challenger section where you can get information about the latest sports.
  •     Look out for the Grand Prix If you are a fan of it.
  •     The additional option of Tv games will surely catch your eye. 

To sum up:

There are various betting sites in Swaziland apart from the Swazi bet. All are top-notch and have numerous features with easy designs for you to use and explore. You can bet on hundreds of sporting events and tournaments throughout the day, ranking on top of the site.

The portal of sports bookmakers is an additional benefit as it makes betting more straightforward. You are no longer limited to your region but can participate in sports events anywhere in the world. 


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