Jekyll or Hyde! Susan Loads Up The Family Truckster & Heads To Comic Con Where She Meets 1980s Legend Chevy Chase! And… He’s AWESOME! Say Wha?

I love giving out the Happy Theo award! Especially when it’s someone I love! In this case it’s 1980s icon Chevy Chase. Now, I think we all know that Chevy is a tad prickly… Okay he can be more than a tad prickly but there are those awesome times when Chevy is super cool.

Suddenly Susan was out and about at Comic Con and ran into Chevy Chase by accident one day. I know, I wish I had those accidents.

I’ll let Susan tell her encounter… So check it out after the jump!



Here’s another flying blind encounter with a celebrity. I honestly had no idea what kind of celebrity Chevy Chase was to his fans.

Two years ago at Comic Con, I was in the lobby of the hotel I was lucky enough to be staying at, and in comes Chevy and handler/assistant who was gathering his luggage. He was checking in and I totally I ambushed him.

My friends and I asked him for a photo as I had nothing with me for him to sign. I had a great cast photo upstairs, but unless you carry everything you’ve ever wanted signed ever with you, this is what can happen.

Being the tall drink of water he is, and me being the little drink I am, Chevy pretended to not see me and kept saying, “what” and “who’s talking,” as he swung his head side to side right over me. It was pretty funny. Then he said, “What do you want? My social security number?” My friend and I was laughing, as we thought he was giving us a free show and just being Chevy.

I told him the main reason I was at Comic Con was for “Community”. Not a total lie; I do LOVE that show. He said, “yeah, yeah, sure.”

Chevy chase fan photo signing autographs for fans rare promo hot vacation fletch community star rare promo

Then he threw his arm around me and took the photo!! He took one with my friend as well. We were super happy. I’ve since heard he NEVER does photos with people, so this was a pretty incredible score.

On this day, the verdict is definitely, Dr. Jekyll!!

For his awesomeness Chevy Chase is awarded the Happy Theo award!

happy-theo award adorable brown french bulldog rare promo cute adorable wall eyed

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