Jennifer Garner and Russell Brand Unveil the new Arthur movie poster and Reese Witherspoon is STUNNING in Water For Elephants!

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I got an emergency email this morning from the lovely Erica with the subject line, NEW JENNIFER GARNER! In my world this is an emergency! lol… The new Arthur one sheet movie poster is out with Russell Brand and Helen Mirren also on the front… And… It looks like a bad photoshop experiment gone wild…. The photoshop has gone wild! Why… WHY! Sigh… Russell Brand looks like a crazy hyena, and Helen Mirren looks like she was taken out of a still from Gosford Park… Sigh…

Now the individual poster for Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants looks stunning! Like hot damn stunning! For some reason I keep calling this movie Like Water For Elephants, I have no idea why except I keep thinking of Like Water for Chocolate but anyway I digress. Take a look at the lovely Ms. Reese Witherspoon after the jump!

rob pattinson reese witherspoon individual rare promo mini poster water for elephants sweet how alabama twilight Eclipse sexy hot

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