Super Short Sunday! Scotty Loves Rock and Roll After He Meets Joan Jett! Light Of Day Goodness!

Super Short Sunday – Joan Jett Edition
May 24, 2020
By: Scott

Digging through my old camera discs I came across this amazing encounter. How could I not have posted about Joan Jett? Joan is a rock legend. About two years ago, Joan was promoting a documentary based on her life with a rare Q & A and special live performance. I was not going to miss it. I was lucky enough to catch Joan on the way into the venue with Lisa Lisa. We were thrilled that we were able to get Joan to sign our items. She signed for us before getting whisked into the venue. Following the screening and Q & A, Joan treated the audience to a special short set inside the theater. Following the performance, people waited outside the theater, but Joan was rushed to a waiting van. We felt so fortunate to get her on the way into the theater. Thank you Joan for a magical evening!!!

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