Manic Monday! Pinky Meets The Bionic Woman Herself Ms. Lindsay Wagner! Fangirl Goodness!

Oh my gosh, who doesn’t love Lindsay Wagner? I used to watch The Bionic Woman in syndication all the time. In fact, I remember taking the Universal Studios tour back in the day and having them talk about the show and how they filmed it on the lot.

Pinky was able to meet Ms. Lindsay Wagner and had such a ball!

Check out this weeks Manic Monday below!

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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here still recovering from the whirlwind of The Hollywood Show all weekend. Despite the long days, we had a great time seeing so many old and new faces. Special shout out to the Mike the Fanboy reader who screamed out my name when I walked by him in line – made me feel like a rock star! :J


Although we met several really great people, none were more beautiful than the lovely Lindsay Wagner. Talk about aging well! I mean, come on. I think she might even look better now than she did when she was The Bionic Woman over 35 years ago. Perhaps she’s aging in reverse?


The fact that she was incredibly sweet even made the encounter even better. Oh, plus the fact that her handler was a huge fan of Keith’s and ended up getting a photo with him (that Lindsay photobombed! It was amazing). I still remember seeing the show when I was very young – I loved the sound effects on the show. I’d never seen Lindsay out and about before, so getting to meet her this weekend was very cool.

Lindsay Wagner now 2015 fan photo hollywood show 1

Lindsay Wagner now 2015 fan photo hollywood show 1

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