Super Short Sunday! Scotty Drinks From The Cup Of Life After Meeting Latin Pop Star Ricky Martin! Autographs! And More!

You may have caught this weeks Fanboy Fail with Ricky Martin, well Scotty headed out to meet the Latin pop star again and had some luck. See, you just never know what will happen. You can have a hit or a fail!

Ricky Martin was nice and posed for photos and signed for the few fans waiting.

Check out his recap below!

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Super Short Sundays – Ricky Martin Edition
September 20, 2015
By: Scott

Recently, Ricky Martin was in town promoting a new show. I have been a fan for a long time. I made my way down to where I knew Ricky was making an appearance. When Ricky arrived, security tried rushing him into the building. Ricky stopped security and said he wanted to say hello and take a quick picture with everyone. Ricky was incredibly kind and greeted each of us with a hug or handshake. After Ricky finished his appearance, he made his way out and signed a few autographs. I was lucky enough to get one. He signed my tour program from 1999. It looks awesome! Gracias Ricky por ser ‘la bomba!’

Ricky Martin Fan photo signing autographs 1

Ricky Martin Fan photo signing autographs 1

Ricky Martin signed autograph tour book livin la vida loca

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