Manic Monday! It’s Greased Lightning! After Pinky Meets The Cast Of Grease! Including Olivia Newton John! John Travolta! Didi Conn! And More!

Oh those Summer Nights… And while we just came to the end of Summer with Labor Day weekend rolling to a close, Ms. Pinky had a blast meeting the cast of Grease over the years.

She also got some very cut photo ops! 


Check out her recap below!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here still excited about adding two new members of Grease to my collection!

grease custom logo rare

At this point, I’ve met everyone in the main cast except for Rizzo, who I don’t really expect to meet.

Between the Hollywood Show (where I finally met Patty Simcox herself, Susan Buckner) to the STL Pop Culture Convention where we got to basically hang with half the cast for three days, I was in Grease heaven!

Plus, I was finally able to meet the last T-Bird that I hadn’t met, Kelly Ward, who played Putzie in the film. Squee! Between our fun photo ops and hearing the cast just start spontaneously singing throughout the weekend, it was definitely one for the books.


After 40 years, Grease is still the one that I want.

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