Pretty In Pinky! The Top 10 Most Fan Friendly Celebrities From The Sundance Film Festival! Chloe Grace Moretz! Anna Kendrick! And More!

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The luscious Ms. Pinky is recovering from her post Sundance sickness and is bringing you the best and most fan friendly celebrities from Sundance 2014!

Woo to the Hoo my friends! Woo to the hoo!

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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here, still suffering from this horrible cold, to bring you the next installment of this year’s Sundance Awards. Today we’re talking about the Nicest Celebs, which is always my favorite category because, well, I just happen to LOVE when celebs are nice. I mean, why shouldn’t they be? Granted, we all have bad days, but, in general, when you’re at a Film Festival to promote your movie, I definitely think it’s better to be nice. Just saying. Anyway….drumroll please…in no particular order, I present our picks for the Nicest Celebs:

Anna Kendrick

Anna had a bunch of films at the Festival this year and I wasn’t sure how she’d be. Having never met her, I’d heard mixed reviews, but I hoped for the best. I’m happy to report that Anna was just as cool and friendly on the first day we saw her as she was when we saw her again several days later (after countless press interviews, innumerable pictures with fans, and never-ending activities). Now THAT is how it’s done. Well done, Anna. Well done.

Ben Schwartz

Don’t tell Keith, but I have a bit of a crush on Ben Schwartz. He’s so quirky and funny on Parks & Rec (one of my faves) and he’s even cooler on House of Lies. Even better? He’s so sweet he actually introduced himself to us! Adorable. Love him.

Cameron Monaghan

I hope the success of Shameless and his film career doesn’t change Cameron Monaghan down the way because he is as nice as they come. Not only will he happily pose for pictures, but he wants to be sure they turned out and will suggest more just to be sure. Love that.


Chloe Grace Moretz

Keith calls her the “Queen of the Internet,” but I just think she’s awesome. This was the second time I’ve met her and I was just as happy as I was the first time we met (which was in a rainstorm and she still came over for pictures).  Happy to see success hasn’t gone to her head. As a bonus side note, her co-star, Keira Knightley, even did a few pictures! That was the first time I’d witnessed that (sadly she didn’t come all the way down to our end, but I was just happy to see it happen). Perhaps Chloe is being a positive influence on her co-stars?


George Takei

Knowing George does conventions, I wasn’t quite sure how he’d be in person. Would he tell me I had to pay? Would he direct me to see him at a show? Luckily I had nothing to worry about as he was just as friendly as you’d hope. Much to his partner’s chagrin, he was happy to pose for pictures with fans even though they were in a hurry. Bonus points to his partner, though, for saying we were first when other fans tried to jump in front of us for a picture.


Jason Ritter and Melanie Lynskey

I’m only grouping Jason Ritter and Melanie Lynskey together today because I have a picture with them together. I’ve been seeing Jason at Sundance almost every year since I started going and he somehow gets even MORE friendly (which I didn’t even know was possible to do). I don’t just consider Jason to be my friend – he’s one of my favorite people in the world. This is evidenced by our picture collection (which is only a few pictures shy of the vast amount of pictures I have with Sam Trammell….in other words, we have A LOT). Jason is the epitome of how a celebrity should be and I wish others took lessons from him. Melanie is actually just as friendly, although I’ll never get used to “Rose” from Two and a Half Men having a British accent.


Lea Thompson

Lea is another one of those class acts I’ve witnessed time and time again throughout the years. She gets points for being SO recognizable, yet calmly taking care of every fan’s request. I watched her walk down the street in a hurry, but still made sure to stop each and every time someone asked (which can be a lot). It can’t be easy to be part of such popular films (Howard the Duck! – ha ha, I mean Back to the Future, of course), but she takes it with a grain of salt and is so classy about it. Very impressed by her.


Mark Ruffalo

A few years ago I was hanging out near Mark at the Sundance Closing party while he took picture after picture after picture. When it was my turn to chat with him, he asked me for my name and I told him, “Pinky.” He grabbed my pinky finger in his pinky finger and said, “Hi, Pinky!” I will never forget this because it was so freaking cute. Ever since that night, he’s just as friendly as he was back then. I love how he makes you feel as though you’re the only person in the room. After the success of The Avengers I feared he’d lose some of his kindness, but I was so happy to see he was still the same awesome guy at Sundance.


Molly Shannon and Cheryl Hines

Again, I’m only grouping them together because they were together when I saw them, but they’re both just a couple of firecrackers. I’ve met Cheryl at Sundance in previous years and she’s always happy and friendly. She makes you feel like you’re old friends. I’d only met Molly once before – in a restaurant in LA – and we had a whole conversations about dogs (as I had Sammy with me when he was only like eight weeks old). I love her! This time I told her about meeting her then and she even remembered! Bonus points for her. Both ladies were walking up Main Street together and were more than happy to pose for anyone who asked.


Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber

While I have a picture with Mark separately at the Festival, I’m intentionally only posting the “double shot” because I LOVE this newlywed couple so much. In fact, they might just be my favorite celebrity couple ever because of how talented, amazing, and fan friendly they both are. When I saw they’d gotten married and were having a baby (she’s NINE MONTHS PREGNANT in this picture – can you stand it?), it was just perfect because I’d met each of them separately over the years and I could see why they’d find happiness together. Their gratitude for each other, for their craft, and for their fans is infectious and I just get a great feeling whenever I see them (my apologies for Zenning out on you for a minute – and, no, I don’t think that’s a real word. Just pretend).
Next up? The Worst List from Sundance (in other words, a bunch of Angry Theos!). For additional pink fodder, please visit or follow me on Twitter @pinkylovejoy. As always, have a pink day!

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