Pretty In Pinky Talks About Meeting Daniel – San Mr. Ralph Macchio! My Cousin Vinny! The Karate Kid!

It’s time for a new Pretty In Pinky! YAY! Even though Pinky refused to head out with me today, I still love her! 😉 Even the promise of Dinner with the one and only Mike The Fanboy couldn’t tear her away from Sammy her puppy… well, now I would say he’s a dog… Ah well… But I’m digressing as usual.

Pinky is taking us on her journey with My Cousin Vinny star Mr. Ralph Macchio! Now, I know you all know Ralph from The Karate Kid. I do heart the Karate Kid, well, I heart anything with Elisabeth Shue… Ah… Good times…

Check out the brand new Pretty in Pinky after the jump! Wax on… Wax off!

Hmmm that came out a lot more sexual than I intended… lol… I have to stop I just sort of paraphrased Buffy The Vampire Slayer… Too many Chili Fries from Tommy’s… They are playing with my mind!


Hello, my lovelies. Today I thought I’d pay tribute to the birthday boy, Ralph Macchio, who turned (gulp) 50 years old this week. Can you believe it? Sweet little Daniel-san is all grown up! Of course, he doesn’t look a day past 30, so not only is he immortalized in his youth on film, but in person he’s just as good looking and baby-faced as ever.
The-karate-Kid-movie- rare press promo still ralph macchio elisabeth shue hot sexy rare promo photo poster

Surprisingly, I didn’t have a crush on Ralph Macchio growing up, as my heart belonged to Ricky Schroder. Still, I was a big fan of The Karate Kid and especially enjoyed the love story between Ralph’s character and Elisabeth Shue.

the karate kid rare promo one sheet movie poster ralph macchio pat morrita danial san rare 1980s hot

So, I was excited to try to meet Ralph last year when he appeared on a late night talk show. Sadly, I had to leave before he came out as there was a Mad Men premiere across the street (also of note? This was the very first day I met CB – when he got a disastrous picture with his true love, Christina Hendricks), so I missed him. Drat! Then, I somehow missed him during his entire run on Dancing With The Stars – seriously, I was striking out all over the place.

Ralph-Macchio-karate-kid rare promo press still promo hot sexy ralph macchio my cousin vinny hot 1980s karate

Luckily Ralph showed up to a pre-Emmy party this year and I was finally able to get my picture with him. Hooray! He was very nice and sweet to all his fans, which I always appreciate. Ralph is a class act.
pretty in pink with ralph macchio at a pre emmy party posing for a fan photo my cousin vinny the karate kid

Thanks, Ralph, for being so cool to your fans. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great day. For additional pink fodder, please visit As always, have a pink day!

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