Pretty Little Liars Paleyfest 2014! With Lucy Hale! Troian Bellisario! Ashley Benson! Shay Mitchell! And More!

It seems like most of the Paleyfest events this year are a mixed bag. Billy Beer headed out for the Pretty Little Liars panel and I’ll reserve judgement since I have some guilty pleasure shows of my own and I’ve been told I was mean to Billy in the last couple write ups. lol.

Check out Billy’s Paleyfest write up below!
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Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool. Guilty Pleasure Time! I love me some Pretty Little Liars! I’m off to Paleyfest, and well this venue is a little bit bigger than in the past, and it has a lot more crazy fans there. Let the adventures begin.

I get there right around starting time. There’s no need to get to this thing early cause they have assigned seating. But I am in the back. They do a little video introduction. Part of it is the same as last years. Guess with the new venue, they didn’t have any room in the budget for a new one. Maybe with the $10 they are charging for the formerly FREE programs they can make a new video next year.

They used to show a whole episode, but today we only see a ten minute highlight clip to get us caught up. Part of me was happy cause we get to see the stars longer, but the other part actually enjoys watching the show when I’ve actually watched it.

Well time for the cast. Last time I saw them, it was all the guy and most of the girls but Lucy and Ashley missing. Tonight, some of the guys are missing, but all the girls are there!!!! Here is my summary.

Lucy: Too Cute! Likes to use the words Cray and Cray Cray a lot/too much
Ashley: This is the girl you want to go to the bar with and hang out. Total Chill! LOVE her!

Troian: This girl is smart and funny!!! I would love to sit and drink coffee with this girl and just hang out!

Shay: Beautiful! I would probably have my head down the whole time cause I wouldn’t be able to stop staring! But I think she has a little dork side to her too (probably cause she’s Canadian).

Sasha: Wise beyond her years. She’s only 18, but acts like one of the most mature cast members.

pretty little liars paleyfest 2014 panel signing autographs lucy hale rare

Janel: I think she’s the joker of the girls.

Ian: He probably the guy all these girl’s moms want them to date. Seems really fun to be around, and his joking seems cute to all the cast members.

Keegan: He didn’t get to talk much, but last time I saw him he seemed very laid back and well liked among his cast members

It was a fun Q & A. I enjoy it when the cast seems to really like each other, and joke around. There was a lot of ribbing up there, and they were having fun with it. Very entertaining for the crowd. When it finally ended it was time for the stampede.

Normally I used to having to squeeze up there to get an autograph. But with all these little teenagers running around, I felt a bit taller, but still a way bit more uncomfortable. Lucy is in the middle signing, but there is no way I’m going to make it over there. I decide to stay on the side of Shay and Ashley. I’ve never gotten either of them before. I had a couple of smaller pictures, but the only thing I was going to get over to them was my cast piece on my long board that Mike the Fanboy let me borrow at the Avengers Premiere. I noticed they were taking the pens and giving them back, so I clipped the pen to the end of the board.

pretty little liars paleyfest 2014 panel signing autographs lucy hale rare

Shay was the first to grab my board. She signed it and set the pen back on the board. I was able to balance it and roll it back to my hand. Ashley was now making her way over. I held out my board, but she totally skipped it. Like, it was RIGHT there and she skipped it. Probably didn’t help I’m a guy with a beard surrounded by teenagers. UGH!

pretty little liars paleyfest 2014 panel signing autographs lucy hale rare

While she makes her way back over, Ian sees my poster and signs it. Kinda odd cause it’s just a picture of the girls. But I can’t fault him for being nice. Now Ashley has made her way back to me. This time she unclips my pen and signs it, and nicely clips the pen back on the board. I thank her and she and she give me a smile. I’m such a sucker for that smile/smirk AKA Katie Holmes. Everyone else had already left or already signed. Not too bad. It wasn’t like old Paleyfest, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Well, off to tweet about this (PLL fans will get that joke) Till next time, off to Happy Hour!

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