Rihanna on the Cover of the April 2011 Issue of Vogue Magazine Looking Sexy as Hell!

rihanna annie leibovitz april 2011 vogue magazine cover shoot little mermaid rare hot sexy cover shoot magazine disturbia rated x

Oh Rihanna… You know… I used to really like Rihanna, and then I started to not care about Rihanna…. I don’t know why that was necessarily, but it happened. I don’t think it was the whole thing with Chris Brown… I think it was that she tries too hard sometimes… I dunno… Anyway, what I do know is I love this new Vogue magazine cover shoot!

I heard it was inspired by The Little Mermaid, of course I’m referring to the Walt Disney classic. It seems to fit with Rihanna’s flaming red hair. And I do have a thing for red heads! Lol…

These Vogue shots are amazing! Check them out in the April 2011 issue… Oh my God April! Where did March go?
rihanna april 2011 issue vogue magazine hot sexy photoshoot little mermaid rated x chris brown love the way you lie damn disturbia
rihanna disturbia hot sexy photo shoot rare vogue magazine cover 2011 rare rated x chris brown photoshoot disturbia love the way you lie
rihanna vogue magazine 2011 chris brown hot sexy photo cover shoot hot disturbia little mermaid love the way you lie red hair hot rare promo
rihanna vogue magazine hot sexy photoshoot photo shoot rare signed little mermaid disney love the way you lie single magazine rated x disney

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