Saturn Awards 2014! Pinky Fangirls Out! Kristin Chenowith! Melissa McBride! Holland Roden! Malcolm McDowell! Robert Rodriguez! And More!

Oh Pinky, you’re so fine! You’re so fine you blow my mind! Oh Pinky!

Pinky headed out to the Saturn Awards and got a whole host of stars. She actually did really well and even got Kristin Chenowith, who I love! LOVE! Pinky put together a brief recap so check it out with all of her awesome pics!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here recovering from a night out at the Saturn Awards. Now, I’d never tried for anyone at this event before and had no idea what to expect.

In fact, I wasn’t going to go at all until two names were added to the list that I’m just dying to meet: Erin Gray from Silver Spoons and Joanna Cassidy, who co-starred in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead with my husband, Keith.

(Editor’s Note: Wait your husband was in Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead!?!? M-)

The event was located far up in the hills of Burbank and from what I could tell, was completely inaccessible. I reached out to a few friends during the day who seemed to think it was a do-able event, so I showed up right before the carpet started to try my luck. When I was arrived, I was shocked to see pretty much every collector in town waiting behind a barricade – who knew the event was so popular?!?

2014 saturn awards castaway restaurant

There were a lot of fans in the barricade, as well, but for so many people being there, I think the event was a hit. The stars who came over took care of most, if not all, of the barricade, and they were very cool. Special props going out to Kristin Chenowith, who was so gracious and kind to everyone,

kristin chenowith saturn awards 2014

and Malcolm McDowell, who did a ton of stuff despite being short on time.

malcolm mcdowell saturn awards 2014 fan photo

Actually, a lot of the people who came over were really friendly. It was a nice treat. Of course, there were the downsides: not everyone came over, I never saw Erin Gray (boo!), and despite being the one to recognize and call over Joanna Cassidy, she never made it to me for a picture (only signed on the other side), which was a bummer. Oh, well. Hopefully I’ll meet her another day when I have Keith with me. In the meantime, I thought I’d share the pictures with you that I got last night.

avan jogia saturn awards 2014 fan photo

van jogia

brian tee saturn awards fan photo 2014

brian tee

DJ Cotrona fan photo saturn awards 2014

DJ Cotrona

eric balfour 2014 saturan awards fan photo

eric balfour

holland rolland 2014 fan photo saturn awards

holland rolland

jeffrey ross saturn awards fan photo

jeffrey ross

kyla kennedy 2014 saturn awards fan photo

kyla kennedy

lance reddick 2014 fan photo selfie saturn awards

lance reddick

Linden Ashby saturn awards fan photo

Linden Ashby

melissa mcbride 2014 saturn awards fan photo the walking dead melissa mcbride 2014 saturn awards fan photo the walking dead

melissa mcbride

robert forster saturn awards 2014

robert forster

robert rodriguez saturn awards 2014 fan photo

robert rodriguez

seth gabel

seth gabel

steven r mcqueen saturn awards fan photo

steven r mcqueen

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