Super Short Sunday! Scotty Fights To Save Marck’s Brentwood Newsstand! After 28 Years In Business They Are Being Forced To Close! Join The Fight Angelinos!

It’s all fun and games here at MTF but sometimes we need to look at the changing landscape of not only a hobby and an industry we love but also this city of Los Angeles.

Scotty is losing his favorite newsstand run for 28 years by Marck Sarfati. The fight has been featured in many LA publications including the LA Times! Luke Wilson and Gotham’s David Mazouz are pitching in to help by signing the online petition. You can stop by until September 2017 for right now… The Fight Continues!

11737 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Check out Scotty’s Super Short Sunday below!

Super Short Sunday – Save The Newsstand Edition
July 9, 2017
By: Scott

One of my favorite things to get signed when meeting celebrities are magazines. I love the covers and the photographs that are published. This week, I am writing about one of the last newsstands still open in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the owner of this newsstand has been told that he must close and that his lease will not be renewed. This is a shame because, there are so few newsstands left, and this particular owner has been in business in this location for the past 28 years. With so many good things in LA disappearing, this was really sad news to hear.

Whole Foods is not renewing the owner’s lease even though he has never missed a rent payment, asked for an extension, or done anything that would jeopardize his standing as a good tenant. It was sad to hear that Whole Foods is not giving much of reason beyond them needing the space. 5 feet? How is that going to be needed after the stand has been a fixture for so long in the neighborhood? In fact, I started going to this newsstand and then started going to Whole Foods because of the proximity.

This situation has saddened me to the point of not shopping at Whole Foods anymore, and writing to the powers that be to change their minds. If you feel that you have a moment to write against the closure and save one of the last remaining newsstands in LA, and saving a small business owner from losing his income, please send me an e-mail and I will provide you with the proper email addresses.

Thank you,
Scotty the Music Man

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