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Outlander Recap and Reflection! Mid-Season Finale! The Not So Blissful Honeymoon! Will Claire Stay with Jamie or Go Back to Frank? Last Chance to Win this Outlander Prize Pack!

Have you recovered from the wedding yet? If your heart didn’t stop then, then it very well may during this episode! It’s the mid-season finale! After such anticipation for the wedding night (ahem!), this was a great, emotional way to cap of the half season. As many

Outlander Recap and Reflection! Claire’s Decision! The Black Soul of Black Jack Randall! Our Outlander Prize Pack contest!

At last! After that surprise cliffhanger ending last week (ugh!!!) we finally learn what Claire decides to do now that she’s got a chance to escape Dougal and head off with the English army! Recap – Episode #106 “The Garrison Commander” When we last saw our heroine,