The Big C And Weeds HOT New Promo Posters! Mary Louise Parker! Laura Linney! Bring It On Indeed!

weeds season 7 rare promo poster hot sexy mary louise parker nancy botwin new season new high new york rare promo poster nancy botwin chains jail hot rare promo showtime premiere June 10 2011 bring it on Can I tell you how much I love the sexy women of Showtime? I mean like damn… And these new posters featuring Ms. Laura Linney from the Big C and my total crush since Fried Green Tomatoes Ms. Mary Louise Parker from Weeds are H-O-T! Damn…

I love how Showtime is paring The Big C and Weeds together because they compliment each other so well. Both Laura Linney AKA Cathy Jamison and Mary Louise Parker AKA Nancy Botwin, AKA Lacey Laplante AKA… Well you get the idea, are strong yet flawed women. And I Love LOVE them both!
The Big C season 2 rare promo poster hot sexy laura linney Cathy Jamison congo cancer promo premiere june 10 rare hot bring it on golden sun congo love actually season 2 of the big c premieres june 27 showtime promo poster
I liked the Mary Louise Parker in Chains promo better, but I like these two because they both have the same style! I can’t wait, and I’m telling you I can’t wait for season 7… Holy Crap 7 seasons! Really! Wow, Season 7 of Weeds and Season 2 of the Big C premiering Monday, June 27th, starting at 10 PM ET/PT!

Bring It On Indeed!

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