It’s Labor Day Weekend! The Top 15 Movies To Binge Watch This Holiday!

It’s Labor Day!

The day when you’re supposed to relax and not think about work… Which makes me wonder why I’m writing this all out, but ah well. All in the name of everyone having a great holiday right?

So, I was thinking, what are the perfect movies to watch on Labor Day?

Without delay here at the top movies to watch this Labor Day weekend!

1. Horrible Bosses – When three friends conspire to take care of each others bosses, I can’t imagine what could go wrong?

horrible bosses rare promo mini poster jason bateman jamie foxx Jason Sudeikis world movie premiere

2. Clerks – The ultimate slackers who “weren’t even supposed to be there today” work at a store and a video store as well. The classic Kevin Smith comedy!

kevin smith signed autograph photo rare promo hot sexy rare clerks director autograph photo

3. Office Space – The ultimate workplace comedy, the movie I plan on watching this Labor Day, is a perfect film the illustrates the banality of cubicle life.

office space

4. 9 to 5 – The classic 1980’s comedy starring Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton is one of the best female empowerment workplace comedies ever! Hilarious and fun, with three perfect leads!

9 to 5 nine to five what a way to make a living dolly parton poster promo jane fonda

5. The Firm – Tom Cruise stars as a young hotshot that gets a job at the most corrupt law firm in existence.

the firm poster

6. Swimming With Sharks – Frank Whaley takes on his abusive horrible boss AKA Kevin Spacey. It’s a classic Hollywood comedy.

swimming with sharks

7. Sunshine Cleaning – An underrated gem! Amy Adams and Emily Blunt are two sisters out of luck, until they form a crime scene clean up team.

sunshine cleaning amy adams cast signed mini poster movie promo rare

8. Norma Rae – The iconic union classic starring Sally Field as a young single mother who organizes the textile mill she works at.

norma rae signed autograph sally field mini poster movie poster

9. Boiler Room – A young college dropout gets a job as a broker for an investment firm that just may not be on the up and up!

boiler room poster

10. The Proposal – Sandra Bullock is a hard edged boss who forces her Canadian assistant to marry her so she can stay in the country.

ryan reynolds malin akerman betty white craig t nelson signed autograph the proposal rare mini movie poster promo

11. Waitress- Keri Russell is pregnant and in a horrible marriage. She works at a diner and makes the most unique and awesome pies.

Keri Russell signed autograph waitress mini movie poster nathan fillion cheryl hines

12. Working Girl – A secretary has a great idea that’s stolen by her boss. The secretaries solution is to pretend she’s really her boss and steal it back!

working girl poster

13. Roger & Me- The classic workplace documentary from Michael Moore, is heartbreaking and hilarious.

roger and me poster

14. Newsies- How can this not be on the list? It’s a musical about paperboys with Christian Bale!

15. Silkwood- Karen Silkwood was a processing worker at a plutonium plant who was exposed to dangerous contaminants, psychologically tortured and possibly murdered to prevent her from exposing the truth.


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