TTM Tues! A 2 Year Wait! Plus Successes From The Stars Of Man Of Steel! Shazam! And More!

Hey autograph fans!

I was contemplating what to write about this week when an envelope arrived. Inside was an autograph from Isabelle Fuhrman that I had sent OVER 2 YEARS AGO!! She was performing on Broadway at the time- maybe she’s had it sitting in her closet for a while or something? At any rate, I was thrilled to get it.

So here’s the deal: With this hobby, you just never know if or when a photo will come back signed. I’ve been lucky to get some notorious difficult signers ttm, and I’ve also never heard back from SO many of my favorites. It’s honestly what makes this hobby so fun and SO frustrating.
The good news is so many of your favorites have been signing up a storm this past week. Take a look, and then get to writing those letters, because this week the stars are aligned for:

Tippi Hedren
For years she has been excellent about signing, but she has apparently stopped signing ttm. Please respect her decisions by not sending anything to her.

Henry Cavill
c/o United Agents Ltd.
12-26 Lexington Street
London, UK
*he has been sending pre-signed photos*

Zachary Levi
Middle Man Productions
21031 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 1000
Woodland Hills, CA 91364-2227

Kevin Bacon
PO Box 668
Sharon, CT 06069-0668
*Might be secretary signed*

Gloria Estefan
39 Star Island Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Joe Exotic
Joseph Maldonado-Passage
Register Number: 26154-017
FMC Fort Worth
Federal Medical Center
P.O. Box 15330
Fort Worth, TX 76119

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