TTM Wednesday! Huey Lewis Update! Addresses From The Stars Of Cheers! The Goonies! NCIS! And More!

Several months ago I sent Huey Lewis a record sleeve I was hoping to have signed and personalized. It came back today unsigned and included a note saying he stopped signing due to people taking advantage by selling his autograph. Unfortunately, this is an all too common response from celebrities- especially those in the music industry.

My tip today is to always ask for the celebrity to personalize your autograph. I take it a step further and put a post-it note on the photo with something like, “If possible, please sign to Jeremy”.. It obviously doesn’t work all the time (thanks Huey), but I have received a majority of my photos back with the personalization.

Ready to try your luck? Get out your pens because this week the stars are aligned for:

John Landis
1168 San Ysidro Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-2146

john landis joe dante rare promo signing autographs at dark delicacies in burbank

Jay Leno
P.O. Box 7885
Burbank, CA 91510

Richard Donner
c/o The Donner’s Company
9350 Wilshire Blvd.,
Suite 302
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-3204

the goonies rare promo movie one sheet poster 1985 hot sexy rare richard donner josh brolin sean astin keri green corey feldman martha plimpton

John Ratzenberger
167 Cherry Street
Milford, CT 06460-3466

Mark Harmon
Image Management Public Relations (IMPR)
1158 26th Street
Unit #548
Santa Monica, CA 90403

sexy mark harmon signing autographs for fans at mark harmons walk of fame star ceremony in hollywood hocus pocus star

Petula Clark
Claude Wolff
15, Chemin Rieu
1208 Genève

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