TTM Tues! Jeremy Talks About Memorabilia Hunting! Plus Successes From The Stars Of Indiana Jones! Tootsie! The Little Mermaid! And More!

While collecting autographs has always been fun, finding the right photo for the celebrity to sign has always been (at least for me), almost as much fun. Today we have every conceivable photo of every celeb at our fingertips. A quick search, an on-line purchase and BAM! You’ve got your photo. It’s so quick and easy. Before the digital age- finding photos was a little more challenging, and in my opinion, a lot more fun!

raiders of the lost ark presskit

There were multiple companies that sold movie posters and photos (Rick’s and Jerry Ohlinger’s are two I can recall) by means of a catalog. Each month we would get a new catalog with up to date posters and photos to choose from. This is where I discovered perhaps the most amazing thing in movie land…the Press Kit. As part of the promoting of a film, the studios would send a kit (but not just any kit) to members of the media so their newest film or tv show could get reviewed and publicized. These kits were, for the most part, SO SO SO cool. First there would be several (between 5-10) 8×10 photos included..some would be headshots of the stars, most would be “scenes” from the movie. Next, there would be production notes which was basically 20(ish) pages of credit info, plot information, bios about the stars and director, etc. All of these items were included in a pee-chee style folder and given to the members of the media… for FREE!

raiders of the lost ark presskit

The photos from press kits have always been some of my favorites and I am lucky to have had some of them signed. One of my favorites was getting a Bette Midler press kit for her 1993 tour and then meeting her after the show where she signed the photo. It’s a rare photo which makes it all the more cool. When I met Gena Rowlands several years ago and asked her to sign a publicity photo from 1978’s “A question of Love” , she mentioned she had never seen the photo before and spent some time chatting with me about the production.

You can find press kits on ebay and other sites- but now that they are rare, the cost has gone up. Whether it’s from a press kit, or from your ink jet printer, get your pens out and start writing because this week the stars are aligned:

Tommy Chong
1625 Casale Road
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-2717

Tommy Chong cheech and chong signed autograph up in smoke dvd rare promo hot sexy damn weed

Dustin Hoffman
c/o Punch Productions
11661 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 222
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Pat Carroll
14 Old Tavern Lane
Harwich Port, MA 02646-1519

Marsha Mason
140 Wykeham Road
Washington, CT 06793

Karen Allen
P.O. Box 237
Monterey, MA 01245

Joan Collins
c/o Intertalent Rights Group
Intertalent House,
46 Charlotte Street,
London, W1T 2GS
United Kingdom

Tim Allen
c/o Boxing Cat Productions
11500 Hart Street
North Hollywood, CA 91605

George Strait
c/o The Erv Woolsey Co.
1000-18 Ave. South
Nashville, TN. 37212

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