TV Heartbeat Outlander Update! New Images! A Trailer! The Soundtrack Release Date! A Whole Minute Preview!

This weekend Outlander made a visit to the TCA’s. What’s a TCA? It’s the Television Critics Association and twice a year the networks discuss their shows and plans for the year. That’s when we get a lot of new info on show and juicy tidbits on what’s to come.

To mark the occasion, Outlander released a new trailer and some new images from the second half of the season which is less than three months away.

Outlander TCA 1-15 (7)

Outlander TCA 1-15 (4)

Outlander TCA 1-15 (1)

Outlander TCA 1-15 (5)

Outlander TCA 1-15 (2)

Outlander TCA 1-15 (3)

Outlander TCA 1-15 (6)

Also, we’ve learned that Outlander will be releasing a soundtrack of Bear McCreary’s glorious score on February 10th. Woo hoo!

outlander soundtrack

Cheers to the Outlander community for getting our show the People’s Choice Award! Unfortunately CBS and the show decided that Sam and Cait could only wave to the camera for a split second (which is bullcrap). Ah well! We’ve done our job!

A photo posted by @samheughan on

And, on top of all that goodness, there will be a special preview of Outlander during Black Sails’ premiere on Saturday, January 24th. A whole minute!!

Yep, they are totally spoiling us as we countdown until April 4th!

Stay tuned!

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