Young Sheldon FYC Panel! Meeting Jim Parsons! Iain Armitage! Zoe Perry! Annie Potts! And More!

Young Sheldon is one of this season’s breakout shows. I had no idea what to expect when the show was announced, but I’m so happy that’s it’s really a great series that stands on its own apart from The Big Bang Theory.

I was invited to a screening and q and a with:

Iain Armitage
Zoe Perry
Lance Barber
Annie Potts
Montana Jordan
Raegan Revord
Chuck Lorre
Steven Molaro
Jim Parsons

The team was super nice and you can tell everyone loved being a part of the show.

Jim Parsons talked about exploring Sheldon’s younger self and how nice it is being a producer on the show.

Zoe Perry, who is Laurie Metcalf’s real life daughter praised the producers and casting for creating the chemistry between the actors on the set.

Check out the video below for a clip from the panel.

After, it was a bit of a cluster.

I was able to get Jim Parsons to sign my Young Sheldon poster and I think I was the only one he signed for.

The rest of the cast was really cool and stopped.

Annie Potts signed my Ghostbusters poster as well.

Annie Potts signed Ghostbusters poster PSA

Iain Armitage was being escorted off and said, “Can I please sign his poster.”

How cool of him!

Iain Armitage with fans signing autographs

It was a fun night with a fun BBQ party after.

Iain Armitage with fans signing autographs

Until next time kids…

Annie Potts signed Ghostbusters poster PSA

Young Sheldon signed autograph poster jim parsons iain armitage

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