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Manic Mondays! Shameel! Shamazel! Pinky Meets The ENTIRE Cast Of Laverne & Shirley! Penny Marshall! Cindy Williams! Michael McKean! David Lander! Eddie Mekka! And More! Retro Autograph Goodness!

It’s still technically monday right? Yep, last I checked. I’m still getting into the groove of things since driving back from SDCC but I was super excited to read today’s Manic Monday! The saucy Ms. Pinky has met the entire cast of the classic series Laverne &

Manic Mondays! Sunday Monday Happy Days! Pinky Meets The Stars Of The Classic Sitcom! Ron Howard! Scott Baio! Anson Williams! Henry Winkler! Laverne! Shirley! Autographs! Photos! Retro Insanity!

I honestly love the classic television shows of my youth. Those seem to be my favorite things, no matter how “good” or “bad” they are, the memories associated with those movies or television shows are what makes them so iconic in our minds. One such show for