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Brand New Image Of Henry Cavill as Superman In Zac Snyder’s New Reboot!

Brand New Image Of Henry Cavill as Superman In Zac Snyder's New Reboot!
Oh dear, here it is! The very first image of Henry Cavill as Superman! While I’m not totally sold… I still don’t see why they are rebooting Superman… and then Spider Man and I’m sure there are plans on rebooting Batman once Christopher Nolan is finished with it… I mean… really… Don’t we know the... read more ->

New Smurfs One Sheet Movie Poster! Also Cabin In The Woods Finally! And X-Men First Class!

Ohhh new posters abound! First, a pretty decent butchering of my childhood with the new Smurfs poster. I don’t know why I was thinking this could be a decent film. It won’t be. It’ll be crap. Ah well, what can you do? Put Pappa Smurf in black sunglasses and try to make him seem like... read more ->

New The Three Muskeeters Trailer has arrived with Orlando Bloom! Milla Jovovich and Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson… Gulp!

I did not have high hopes for the new reboot… God, I just hate that word now, everything is remake or a reboot… ugh… Anyway, I did not have high hopes for the “reboot” of The Three Musketeers… I mean it really hasn’t even been on my radar. Probably because it’s directed by Paul W.S.... read more ->

Christopher Nolan’s New Superman Henry Cavill graces the cover of Entertainment Weekly… How does he stack up against other Superman actors of the past?

Oh the new issue of Entertainment weekly is out… And they are jumping on the Superman reboot bandwagon. Henry Cavill who was just cast in Christopher Nolan’s reboot in the Man of Steel Franchise graces the cover. Talk about a media onslaught! And the film isn’t even shooting yet! Damn… I’m not sure about Mr.... read more ->
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