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The Lovely Erica Heads Over The Pond For The UK Premiere of Prometheus! With Michael Fassbender! Ridley Scott! Charlize Theron! Noomi Rapace! H.R. Giger! Guy Pearce!

One of my most anticipated movies of the summer is Prometheus. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long long time. Ridley Scott returning to Alien… After all this time. How can you not love it! Erica is also a huge fan of the franchise and decided to head over the pond to check... read more ->

Erica Talks Wondercon 2012 and Dishes About The Prometheus Panel With Ridley Scott Michael Fassbender Charlize Theron and Also Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter!

I know I know, I should have gone on Saturday to Wondercon. I wouldn’t have gotten sick, I would have seen Joss Whedon, blah blah blah… lol… It’s all good. I honestly still had a fun day with Suddenly Susan, Erica and her sister Linda. Erica did have more fun on Saturday where she got... read more ->