Hold Up! A Magic Mike Stripper Is Going To Play Luke Skywalker’s Son In The New Star Wars Movie?!? Say Wha? Ab-Tastic Insanity!

Hold up… This is sort of crazy… Just let me ask…

How did this guy….

Mark Hamill signing autographs for fans capetown film festival entertaiment weekly rare promo hot luke skywalker now 2013

Help make this guy…

Alex Pettyfer vman magazine shirtless hot sexy damn fine sweat abs rare bicep damn fine douche rare photo shoot amazing

I dunno, but according to Latino Review Magic Mike star Alex Pettyfer is in talks to play Luke Skywalker’s son in the new Star Wars movies. Okay…

Star Wars logo original font

The new Star Wars movie takes place 30 years after Return of the Jedi. We already know that Ewan Mcgregor might return and perhaps there will be some sexy male dancing… OH!!!!!! Channing Tatum can appear as a ghost teaching Luke’s son how to shake his hips and pop his pelvis.

Ticket now please!

Rachel Hurd-Wood who payed Wendy in the Peter Pan reboot is in talks or auditioning for Princess Leia and Han Solo’s daughter as well.

Rachel Hurd-Wood star wars new film peter pan rare


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