Talking With Alexander Ludwig! Vikings Season 3! What’s Coming Up! Practical Jokes On Set! His Weapon Of Choice! And More!

Who’s ready for season three of Vikings?

I’ve been on pins and needles waiting, especially after that amazing season ender.

One of my favorite characters this past seen has been the grown up Bjorn. Alexander Ludwig has done such a great job of taking the character and making it his own, while also remaining very true to the core origins of the character.

Anushika had a chance to talk to Alexander Ludwig about the new season of Vikings premiering Feb. 19th!

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I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to Alexander Ludwig about the upcoming season of Vikings. I can’t believe it’s finally here. The former Hunger games star is now a proud Viking warrior raiding through Europe. Alexander Ludwig plays Bjorn Lothbrok aka Bjorn Ironside, Ragnar Lothbrok and Lagertha’s only son. As a result of an eventful finale during season 2, Bjorn will enter season 3 as a Viking prince.

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During the interview, most of the questions revolved around his character growth and his relationships with his parents and his new found love, Porunn. Alexander was so sweet and more than excited to answer all our questions. He entered Vikings during season 2 as the grown up Bjorn Lothbrok.

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Since Alexander resembled Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok) and Nathan O’Toole (Young Bjorn), he was approached by the show. He never thought he would be a part of a TV show, but after watching the series he knew it was something special and will be an awesome creative experience. He loves the crew and the show. Alex went on to say how it has been extremely phenomenal to be a part of and grow as a young actor in this genre.

During season 2, Bjorn was pretty much trying to fit in and find himself. He was all grown up, but still a boy. Alexander explained how Bjorn will transition into manhood and find his true self this season. Not that I hated his “tin tin” hair last season, this time around you could really see him mature into a true Viking warrior. When in doubt, a good scruffy beard is always an awesome Viking accessory to add a bit more intimidation.

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When asked about Bjorn’s ultimate goal this season, Alexander said that Bjorn is definitely inspired by his father Ragnar and wants to impress him by meeting all his expectations. Not only that, but he will go beyond Ragnar’s accomplishments and gain worldly fame to keep their legends alive. Half way through season 3, Bjorn will realize what it truly means to be a leader. He needs to possess the ruthlessness and the ability to make decisions in everyone’s favor.

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The two prominent male figures in Bjorn’s life betrayed the family one way or the other during the past seasons. So I asked Alex how that affected who Bjorn is as a person now. For instance, did that make him more sensitive towards women since he saw what Lagertha went through? He said, “Absolutely!” He found a median between the two. Also a certain ruthlessness and have the capacity to keep whole and have the confidence in his own judgment that was lacking among the people in his life. Bjorn becomes the perfect mix. He realizes how he becomes powerful and commands a presence among the people. He is really becoming his own man. People already look up to him at such a young age since he is very calculated and intelligent.

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One of the interviewers asked Alex about the relationship shift between Ragnar and Bjorn. How Bjorn starts to pose a challenge to Ragnar as he matures into a great Viking warrior and stand taller than the rest. Alex said that it was a massive shift and he is excited for the fans to see it this season since he finally gets to play Bjorn the way he truly intended him to be. He doesn’t just fight, but totally take charge in his own right and be very much part of the team.

As a matter of fact, we’ll get to see Ragnar and Lagertha approach Bjorn seeking council from him. Yes people, the tables will definitely turn this season and I’m so stoked!!! It’ll be interesting to see all these power shifts. We’ll get to see Bjorn in a new light like we’ve never seen him before. Alex went on to explain how the relationship between Lagertha and Bjorn will be more of a camaraderie during season 3, as opposed to a mother and son relationship.

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Speaking of relationships, we can’t forget about Porunn. Season 2 gave the audience a small glimpse into Bjorn and Porunn’s relationship. It seemed nothing more than puppy love, but Alex told us that it’s something very special. We’ll finally get to see how deeply they love each other and how far they would go to overcome any obstacle that falls in between them. Season 3 will shed more light on to their relationship. Things will start out very promising, but will take a turn for the worse. Bjorn will learn from his mistakes and make sure to focus more on what matters the most, which is family.

On a lighter note, one of the interviewers asked him about pranks off set and Alex said, “Oh my gosh! So many! So many I can’t say”. It seems like Travis is the center of all pranks and it goes on pretty much every day. Apparently they have to watch their backs all the time. As much as they fool around off set, as soon as it’s time to shoot everyone is very professional. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a cast like this? I mean seriously!

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Alex also shared how the axe is his favorite weapon of choice. Even though it’s the hardest to maneuver, he loves how real it feels compared to a sword. The shied is apparently the worst thing. I could only imagine the physical challenge carrying that in the battlefield.

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It was so amazing talking to Alexander Ludwig. I can’t thank him enough for taking the time to talk to all of us fans. He is definitely excited about the new season and can’t wait for us all to finally see the bloody awesomeness!!! =D I sure know what I’m doing Thursday nights.

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