Anushika Runs Into The Cast of NCIS! Including Mark Harmon! Michael Weatherly! Pauley Perrette!

Mark Harmon Pauley Perrette Michael Weatherly NCIS Cast signed autograph rare photo promo hot rare st elsewhere

Wow, my sharpie stained fingers just logged on to my email and I got this amazing report from the stunning Anushika! She was out and about on the streets of Los Angeles and ran into… Get this… the entire cast of NCIS! Crazy times! And wait for it… Anushika did a full write up to go with all her photos! It’s like Christmas! Although I don’t see how she could just let Marky Mark Whalberg walk past her, but still…

Check out her full report after the jump!

I’ve been a fan of Everybody Loves Raymond for so long and when I found out that Brad Garrett might show up to the Hoodwinked Too Premiere, I thought it was worth checking out. There are some interesting people in the cast, but knew it would be a pretty small event. I didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never been to a premiere at this location.

09.15am: I managed to get myself up early morning and arrived at the location. There was a stage set up. A bit strange, so I go around and there aren’t any posters or a red carpet, but I saw a table for will-call.

09.30am: Wow! I just realized that the red carpet is inside. Really small premiere, but oh well I’m already here….might as well stick around.

09.35am: Since I have plenty of time to kill, I go over to the stage area outside to find out what’s going on. Just overheard the crew, and OMG!!!!!!!! It’s a special NCIS Cast taping!!!! =D I’m a HUGE Fan of NCIS, I mean a HUGE Fan!!! And I just started Freaking Out lol…

09.40am: I have no idea how this works, but I figured I should stay close to the parking area, and they have a small red carpet set up behind the stage….Now I wait! ^_^

10.00am: I see 7 chairs on stage. I’m getting EXCITED!!! It’s really Hot outside, but a gorgeous day nevertheless. =)

10.15: I see Cheech Marin walking in from the parking lot heading towards the premiere.

10.20: There goes David Grier also heading towards the premiere. I totally forgot about the premiere lol…

10:25: OMG! Mark Wahlberg is walking right pass me, but I’m so focused on NCIS my body refused to go after them lol…

10.30: It’s SO HOT! =/ Feel like I’m melting. This needs to start now!

mark harmon ncis rare sexiest man alive rare signed autograph hot promo st. elsewhere

10.35: I see security moving, so I quickly position myself. OH MY GOD!!! I SEE THEM!!!! =D Mark Harmon, Cote de Pablo, Sean Murray, Pauley Perrette, Brian Dietzen, Michael Weatherly and Rocky Carroll, all walking from the parking area together…. I started hearing NCIS theme music. Such a Magical moment!!! ^_^ Even though it happened so quickly, I was seeing everything in slow motion….maybe it was all that waiting in the Sun lol =D

mark harmon st elsewhere signed autograph rare promo q and a jethro biggs promo poster

Mark harmon NCIS naval criminal investigative service signed autograph promo photo poster hot sexiest man alive rare

10.45: The crowd started cheering as one by one took the stage, and of course I was flipping out like a mad woman!

NCIS: Naval Criminal investigative service signed autograph promo photo rare mark harmon rare poster hot jethro gibbs

The interview was pretty fun and you could feel the chemistry between all the cast members. Too bad David McCallum was out of town and couldn’t make it. =( NCIS fan,

martin short  mark harmon michael wetherly Pauley Perrette David McCallum NCIS signed autograph promo poster hot sexy rare poster promo

Heidi Klum & Martin Short came on stage and surprised the cast.

mark harmon michael wetherly Pauley Perrette David McCallum NCIS martin short heidi klum rare promo poster hot sexy ncis cast signed

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service signed autograph mark harmon michael wetherly Pauley Perrette David McCallum

11.35: Looks like they are wrapping up. There are two exits from the stage, and I’m trying to keep an eye on both sides.

mark harmon michael wetherly Pauley Perrette David McCallum ncis cast signed autograph sexy hot rare

mark harmon michael wetherly Pauley Perrette David McCallum NCIS martin short q and a rare hot signed autograph promo rare hot damn fine
There’s no barricade for fans, so I see pure chaos in the near future. By this time, I saw some familiar friendly faces in the crowd =)

mark harmon michael wetherly Pauley Perrette David McCallum signed autograph promo poster rare q and a hot sexy poster

mark harmon michael wetherly Pauley Perrette David McCallum NCIS signed autograph promo rare hot sexy poster rare hot sexy damn fine

11.40: The cast took some pictures on stage and started to leave the stage. YIKES!!! They are all leaving at the same time. I see Mark Harmon leaving from the side and then I see Cote De Pablo and Michael Weatherly leaving out the other end….had to pick!

Michael Weatherly Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo NCIS signed autograph rare promo cast signed autograph hot rare promo

11.45: I call out for Michael, and he started signing next to me. I see Cote De Pablo going pass me and call out for her. She comes straight to me and signs. She is so pretty and sweet.

Cote de Pablo Ziva David NCIS signed autograph promo poster rare NCIS Naval rare hot

While she is signing, I see Sean Murray walking pass and called him over. He comes right on over to me. Oh No! Cote still has my pen and signing for others. I’m too squeezed in to grab another pen from my bag. Sean Murray realized what happened, so he grabs a pen from someone else and signs my book.

Sean Murray Special Agent Timothy McGee  signed autograph rare promo poster hot poster rare

Someone asked him how he lost all his weight, and he looked up and said “No Alcohol” =) He is just adorable!

Sean Murray Special Agent Timothy McGee NCIS rare signed autograph promo poster hot photo signature fan friendly cast q and a rare

11.50: I get my pen back from Cote de pablo. I’m looking around, but its madness! Lol I spot Brian Dietzen near the parking lot and started running towards him. I asked for an autograph and he says “sure” and signs for me. Really nice guy. Then I asked him if Pauley Perrette is here, and he pointed toward the stage and said “I think she is still stuck over there”. So I run back towards the stage. I feel like a crazy chicken with its head cut off!

11.55: I can’t see much, but then I spot Pauley Perrette’s hair! =) She is trying to make her way out, but trying to sign and take pictures with as many fans while security keeps pulling her away.

Pauley Perrette Abby Sciuto NCIS signed autograph rare hot sexy promo poster photo signature rare hot rare damn fine hot damn fine

Didn’t look so great for me since I was near the end. A girl just hugged Pauley, and not letting her go! Lol… its sweet and all, but seriously….

11.58: Pauley is near me and her people are trying to take her away saying they need to be at another event. Doesn’t hurt to try, so I rush towards her and actually managed to get my book signed! YEY!!! ^_^ I LOVE Pauley!

Pauley Perrette Abby Sciuto NCIS rare promo signed autograph ncis rare hot damn fine rare fan friendly cute

12.00: Now I’m looking for Michael Weatherly, and I see him trying to make his way out through the crowd. Again, they are trying to take him away, but he signs and takes pictures with his fans while getting dragged out. They keep saying “last one, we gotta go”. Again, I try my luck out, and rush towards him and OMG, I don’t know how, but I DID IT!!! He is such an Awesome guy, that he actually tried and managed to complete his autograph while his body was getting dragged lol…

Michael Weatherly Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo NCIS rare signed autograph fan event NCIS rare hot promo poster photo

12.04: I look around, and none of the cast is in sight. I’m kind of bummed I couldn’t get Mark Harmon, I mean he is Special Agent Jethro Gibbs for god’s sake!!! I didn’t even see Rocky Carroll leaving, completely missed him. Oh well… I got 5 out of 7, not too shabby! =)

12.05: Since it’s officially done, I head on over to check out the premiere. Nothing much happening, but decided to stick around to see if I could catch anyone leaving.

1.00: People started coming out. Patrick Warburton comes out and then I spotted Tommy Chong. Since I already met Patrick Warburton recently, I ran towards Tommy and barely managed to get his autograph.

Tommy Chong cheech and chong signed autograph up in smoke dvd rare promo hot sexy damn weed

1.05: I decided to call it a day. The Sun is killing me now, so time to head home.

It was such an Amazing Day!!! =D The NCIS Cast was Totally Awesome to their Fans, and I think I Love them even More Now!!!

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