Ashton Kutcher Thanks Jon Cryer On The Day Of The Two and a Half Men Finale! Awwww…

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I know a lot of people are going to miss watching Two and a Half Men everyday. It’s been on a remarkable 12 years which is really impressive in this day and ago.

The series first starred Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer.

After the very public meltdown by Charlie Sheen, Ashton Kutcher took over the co-male lead.

On the day of the series finale Ashton Kutcher posted the following to his facebook page.

“Thank you Mr. Cryer for making this job never feel like work. I will miss working with you every day. You are a true partner in every sense of the word. In four years I never heard you complain and never heard you speak ill of another person even if they took advantage of your kindness and generosity. Your are a gentleman. You are a talent. You are someone I look up to. See you tomorrow night. #twoandahalfmen”

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Awwwww… I thought it was very sweet and wanted to share it.

Congrats Two and a Half Men on a fantastic run!

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