Autograph Deal Of The Week! Cast of Willy Wonka! Charlie Bucket! Veruca Salt! Augustus Gloop! Mike Teavee! Violet Beauregarde!

What’s up autograph fanatics! Ace here with the deal of the week!

Paris Themmen, Mike Teavee, from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is offering cast signed items of the five children for reasonable prices. While it does not include the infamous Gene Wilder, it is just as neat to have the five children!

This item was signed by all five lucky golden ticket winners during the Chiller Theater Convention/Wonka Reunion in Parsippany, NJ in October of 2013.  Frankly, I ought to know, since I played Mike Tee Vee!

Each autograph was signed in-person using black Sharpie and is 100% original and authentic, no autopens or other trickery were used. Not a litho, this poster was printed on high-quality Fujifilm photographic paper.

A must for all Wonka collectors, three of these signatures are extremely rare!


They are:

Peter Ostrum – Charlie Bucket

Paris Themmen – Mike Tee Vee

Julie Dawn Cole – Veruca Salt

Denise Nickerson – Violet Beauregarde

Michael Boellner – Augustus Gloop



~ Certificate of Authenticity showing snapshots of the item being signed.

~ Replica Golden Ticket – great for mounting with the photo

~ Black & white, 8” X 10” photo of Mike Tee Vee – autographed and personalized to you or your loved one

Buyer pays $10.00 Shipping and Handling in the Continental US. $20 for international shipping.

PayPal is my preferred method of accepting payment.

Good luck and happy bidding!!


Willy WOnka




Willy WOnka




Willy WOnka


Until Next time,
Ace, the Autograph Addict

And don’t forget, as I always say… There’s always an autographing opportunity out there, you just have to find it.

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