Autographs 101! Tip Of The Week! What Markers Should You Use On Blanks/Photo Paper?

Who gets blanks signed? Sometimes they are a necessary evil! You can’t always have something for everyone. However, it’s a Catch 22 as some people don’t sign them!

This is a quick article to talk about blanks. First of all, Blanks should only be used for back up reasons. They are NOT meant for the basis of a collection. Ink-Jet Printed Photos fade overtime. Blanks with autographs yellow with surrounding halo rings over many years. Like I said though, sometimes you need them because you have nothing.

These are the only blanks I use when I do use blanks.

These are the only pens to use!

AUtographs 101 pen tip of the week

DO NOT USE these pens below. Most silverish/metallic component pens will chalk up. Don’t waste an opportunity. Avoid these pens.

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