Box Office Breakdown! Frozen Slides Into #1! Catching Fire Scorches #2! Christian Bale Opens At #3!

In a stunning upset, Disney’s Frozen knocked Catching Fire, as well as my winner streak, right out of the number one spot. The icy animated flick was on fire, bringing in $31 million this weekend for a domestic total of $134 million!

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Katniss and crew dropped to number two with $27 million, bringing their domestic total to a whopping $337 million. Yowsa!

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The Christian Bale / Casey Affleck indie Out of the Furnace opened at number three with $5.3 million. The critics were much more supportive than the paying audience, apparently.

out of the furnace logo movie poster

Thor: The Dark World garnered another $4.7 million in the number four spot. It’s safe to say the Avengers franchise is alive and well.

Thor: The Dark World movie poster logo chris hemsworth rare hot thor 2 one sheet teaser individual poster

Vince Vaughn’s comedic debacle actually climbed a spot to number five, but with a measly $3.8 million.

Homefront dropped a spot to number six with a domestic total of $15.2 million. I guess James Franco isn’t God after all.

The indie gem Book Thief opened to wider audiences, who seemed to embrace it with $2.7 million in the number seven spot. Not a bad climb after five weeks in release.

The book thief logo rare movie poster

The Best Man Holiday still has good cheer at number eight with $ 2.7 million more.

best man holiday movie poster

Dame Judi Dench hung tough at number nine with her indie flick Philomena.

Rounding out the top ten was Dallas Buyers Club. I’d sure like to see this one pick up more ticket sales.

Check out the full box office chart below.

1 Frozen $31,641,000 $134,278,000
2 Hunger Games: Catching Fire $27,000,000 $336,665,000
3 Out of the Furnace $5,300,000 $5,327,000
4 Thor: The Dark World $4,740,000 $193,640,000
5 Delivery Man $3,775,000 $24,799,000
6 Homefront $3,384,000 $15,284,000
7 The Book Thief $2,700,000 $12,075,000
8 The Best Man Holiday $2,673,000 $67,239,000
9 Philomena $2,282,000 $8,255,000
10 Dallas Buyers Club $1,459,000 $12,411,000

Next week I’m predicting, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in the number one spot. Tune in to see if I’m right. Until then, happy movie going!

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